Our Process

Each piece starts as a ball of clay, weighed and measured before being hand thrown on the wheel by Marcus. Once dry (anywhere between one and three days depending on humidity levels and temperature), the original shape will have the excess clay trimmed off the bottom and a handle attached if needed. Our handles are designed with comfort and durability in mind, most with a high arch to increase stability when holding the mug. 

The piece then dries under wraps as slowly as possible to reduce the chance of warping or cracking. When enough pieces are "bone dry" to fill the kiln, they are fired to approximately 1900 degrees to burn out imperfections in the clay and create a surface that readily absorbs glaze. Marcus then applies a layer of wax to the bottom to resist any stray glaze, which could cause something as minor as an unslightly foot on the piece or something as major as the piece sticking to the kiln shelf and being ruined.

The pieces are then glazed, mostly by hand but occasionally by dipping, and then fired again to up to 2300 degrees. Once cool, any drips are ground down and the bottom goes through a 3 step diamond sanding process to create a silky smooth surface. This ensures that our pieces won't scratch your surfaces, catch on your clothes, and will be a joy to hold even from the bottom.